5 Sneaky Ways Online Marketing Puts Money in Your Pocket

If you are going to spend money on marketing, you want to see an ROI, right? Of course you do! However, sometimes business owners think that the only way that internet marketing makes them money is if it generates new leads. Unfortunately, that’s misguided thinking.

There are a number of “sneaky” ways that you see profits from digital marketing. These profits are very real, but often forgotten or not considered.

1. Client Retention – It’s easier to maintain strong relationships with current clients instead of working to generate new leads. Create a marketing plan that makes it easy to keep in touch with existing clients through email and social media. These efforts will keep your clients from forgetting about you and calling a competitor.

2. Repeat Sales – A good internet marketing campaign will educate current and potential clients about your products and services. This education commonly results in them buying more of your products and services. These repeat sales boost your bottom line and improve client satisfaction at the same time.

3. Referrals – Internet marketing helps you build stronger, ongoing relationships with your clients. As a result, referrals come naturally when the client’s friend or family member needs your services. As your online marketing campaign continues to educate, your company will be staying in front of your audience, giving you more opportunities to capture new referrals.

4. Credibility – People do business with people they know, like, and trust. A consistent, quality online publishing schedule builds your credibility and proves your expertise within your industry. It helps you convert prospects into new clients by keeping that pipeline warm, even when you are busy with other aspects of your business.

5. Exposure – When people do an internet search for your name, what do they find? It is common for prospects to “Google” a person or business name before making a buying decision. When someone goes online to “check you out,” you have a better chance at capturing their business if the internet is packed with useful information that you have created.

If you don’t have a strategic online marketing plan in place, you’re probably missing potential sales and business opportunities. Don’t let your competitors capture your market share, put a plan in place today!

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3 Elements of a Strong Social Media Campaign

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Take a BNI Approach to Your Social Media

BNI is one of the most successful networking organizations in the world, with members passing millions of referrals resulting in BILLIONS of dollars in closed business every year.

The philosophy of BNI is “Givers Gain”.  This means that members actively take a role in helping other members to grow their business by seeking out referrals and opportunities.  In doing so, they understand that business will come back to them via the same methods.

Simply put, it’s a philosophy of “I help you and then you will want to help me”.

The concept is sound and proven successful for decades.  It’s similar to the Zig Ziglar quote so many business owners have become accustomed to hearing:

“You can get everything in life you want if you will just help enough other people get what they want.”

How It Applies to Social Media

Often, business owners will express the desire to create a stronger Social Media presence for their company.  They want to make connections, attract followers, and eventually have that effort turn into sales and revenue.  Admittedly, however, most don’t fully understand how to make this happen.

It’s not uncommon to see a business Facebook page full of shameless plugs, sales speak, calls to action, and “in your face” advertising that few of us would ever implement if we were face-to-face with a potential prospect or referral source.

Unfortunately, that method of pushing for a closed sale on Social Media is likely to be a recipe for disaster.  It truly annoys people more than anything else. In fact, Social Media is often the worst place to try and pitch your product or service because it’s so easy for people to dismiss you with a mouse click.  You risk becoming a nuisance to one’s news feed, in which case you’ll drive potential customers away.

Entertain, Educate, or Inform… Don’t Sell

People spend time on Social Media to be entertained, educated, and informed.  If you want them to consume your content, then you need to fit into one of those 3 categories.

Ask yourself this question:  Do you ever log in to your own Facebook page hoping that you’ll see a few ads from local business owners pushing their product or service?

If you answered “NO”, and I’m pretty sure you did, why would you want to take that approach with your own business?

Have a Content Strategy Before You Post

If you’re serious about building the Social Media presence for your business, then take a step back and ask yourself a few questions…

  • Who do I want to reach?
  • What information would they be interested in reading or watching?
  • What questions to they have that I can answer for them?
  • How can I educate and inform them in a way that also builds my credibility and displays my expertise within my field?

Remember, a strong Social Media presence isn’t about you, it’s about your audience.  It’s not about what you want, it’s about what they want (remember Zig Ziglar).

So, start with the answers to the 4 questions above, create a content plan around them, and you’ll be on your way to a successful and worthwhile Social Media campaign!

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How to Build a Killer Landing Page that Actually Converts

An old, outdated website won’t cut it in the competitive digital world. If you want to have a website that converts visitors into viable leads, then it is essential to incorporate strategic and proven strategies. Too often, small business owners end up with a low-performing site because they overlook several important design elements.

Keep in mind that lead generation may require a website that stands apart from your company site and functions for a the specific purpose of generating those leads.

With that in mind, here are four essential elements:

1. KISS Principle: “Keep it Simple, Stupid” is a phrase that is often used in the web design world and many other industries. Don’t over-complicate the page with too much information. Instead, direct the content to lead the customer to one specific action. You don’t need to include everything about your company on the landing page, only the relevant information.

2. Gentle, Friendly Audience Engagement: Don’t make your website visitors frustrated because of an obnoxious pop-up for an email list. Instead, use smaller tools that aren’t as nagging. If your content is compelling and relevant, you shouldn’t need a pop-up to make people want what you have to offer.

3. Make it Easy: Are you leaving customers guessing about how they contact your company? If people need to search for a contact page or a phone number, then you will lose potential customers. Include clear Calls to Action (CTAs) with a simple way for each customer to take the desired action.

4. Size and Placement of the Conversion Element: Now that you have a clear idea about the desired conversion action, test different content, fonts, size, and colors that will make those conversion elements stand out. The important information should be the focus of the design.

Boost Conversions with Our Proven System

The most effective way to increase conversions on a web page is by working with a team that has a proven track-record in the industry. It might seem difficult to convert website visitors into customers, but a few simple strategies can transform your results and increase your sales.

For more information, give us a call!

Are You Running the Right Type of Social Media Campaign?

You might already be using Social Media to promote your business, but is your strategy in alignment with your goals?

Most business owners  today know that they should incorporate social media into their marketing campaign, but they typically don’t know where to start. If you are going to use social platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, or Twitter, then it is important that you understand a few strategies to maximize your results.

Paid vs. Organic Social Media

There are two main strategies that you can use with social media and before starting a campaign, you really need to know the differences because they will influence your overall strategy and daily practices. Too often, unknowing business owners waste a lot of time and money on the wrong type of social media.

Organic social media consists of building fan pages and working to increase the likes and followers with posted content such as blogs, articles, pictures, and status updates. This is a long-term strategy to build a following.  The reality is that most people don’t see a post on your page and then pick up the phone to call for your services.  So, you also need to consider where you can place Calls-to-Action to get them into your sales funnel.

In comparison, paid social media is a better strategy for immediate results.

With paid ads, you are dropping a message in front of your target audience and asking them to take a specific action. For example, if you are targeting baby boomers, then you can set up an ad focusing on age, income, location, interests and more. The Call-to-Action could be an invitation for them to attend a workshop, download information from your website, or participate in a promotion. Then, you will have the opportunity to add the person to your sales funnel and drip campaign.  This leads to future appointments and sales.

Where Should You Focus Your Efforts?

Most small business owners are looking for a return on their investment right away. If you want to see faster results, then paid ads should be the main focus for your social media efforts.

The best approach is to have a 3-tiered strategy: short-term, mid-term, and long-term strategies. Paid social media gets things rolling; then you can use organic social media and email marketing for mid- and long-term strategies.

Kick Start Your Social Media Campaign

Do you have questions about the best way to focus your social media efforts? Contact us for more information. We know the best practices for social media and other types of online marketing, and we are here to help!

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