The Four Steps to Facebook Success:

Step One:  Targeted ads

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One unique advantage of advertising in Facebook is the ability to target a very specific demographic.  The better you know and understand your audience, the more successful you can be!

  • We help you to define and locate your perfect target audience.
  • You set your monthly advertising budget.
  • We design your ad, write your copy, and select the perfect image for it.

Step Two:  A strategic offer

Since we’ve identified your target audience, we can create a compelling offer to attract them.  This could be a white paper, a video presentation, a special report, or any other desirable digital asset.

  • If you don’t have this digital asset already, we’ll create it for you.
  • We incorporate the offer into your ad for increased click-through rates.

Step Three:  Landing page development

Facebook users that click your ad are immediately redirected to a customized landing page where they can opt-in to receive your offer.

  • We create the landing page.
  • We write strategic copy to encourage visitors to opt-in.
  • We integrate the delivery of your offer so it automatically occurs immediately following an opt-in.
  • To maximize opt-in conversions, we can even create a 60 second call-to-action whiteboard animation video!

Step Four:  Drip and Follow Up

Once you begin to grow your list through opt-ins, you need to nurture the list with a steady stream of valuable content posted on your blog and emailed to your list on a regular basis.

  • We help you manage the database.
  • We write regular blog content to keep your list engaged with you.
  • We manage the ongoing email drip campaign to your new list of prospects.

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