Introducing… Ringless Voicemail Messaging and Lead Prequalification


The ability to drop a voicemail message directly into a prospective client’s voice mailbox without ever having to make a phone call. Their phone doesn’t ring, their day isn’t interrupted, your time isn’t wasted, and you save both time and money!

96% Open and Listen Rate

Stop “hoping” that your prospects will read your postcard, find your website, or opt-in to your landing page. Get measurable feedback and results quickly while increasing your ROI.

The Basics…


You define the target demographic, we generate the phone list.


Reach thousands of prospects in a matter of just a few hours.


Your voicemail message delivered directly to their inbox – without ringing their phone! Record your own message or we can write and record it for you (nominal fee applies).


100% FCC Compliant as a non-intrusive form of marketing to your desired audience.

The Potential Uses…

Seminar Invitations

Avoid expensive direct mailings and low response rates.
Send personal invitations in your own voice that reach 96% of the recipients.

Drive Web Traffic

Easily direct people to a website or landing page with your specific message and call to action.

Stay in Touch with Clients

Reach all of your clients with a personal greeting in just minutes! Great for event invitations or holiday greetings.

Build Professional Relationships

Send personal messages to potential referral partners such as CPAs, estate planning attorneys, or business owners.

The Bottom Line…

Compare our costs and deliver-ability rates to your current marketing methods!

One-Time Setup Fee

A one-time account set up fee of $325 applies to all new accounts.

Your First 1000 Messages

Pay only 40¢ per delivered message for the first 1000 (Minimum order = 1000)

Messages 1001-2500

Receive a discounted rate of 32¢ on messages 1001-2500


Messages after 2500 are discounted down to only 22¢ each!

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