July 25, 2019 Greg Preite

4 Ways for Attorneys and Financial Advisors to Use Video Marketing

Marketers have used video to promote brands all the way back in the beginning days of cinema and television. Social media, on the other hand, is a relatively new phenomenon. Put the two together, however, and you have one of the most powerful forms of marketing available today.

But just how powerful is the combo of video and social media? 

It might interest you to learn that 64 percent of consumers commit to buying a product or service after watching brand videos on social media. And they’ll even help you do some of the work; videos are shared twelve times more often than photos. That means your audience will find video content so compelling that they actually spread brand awareness for you!

Feeling intrigued? Next, you might be wondering about the types of videos that “work” on social media. Generally speaking, we utilize four main formats to convey information about your business.

Vlogs (Video Blogs)

Using video on your blog allows you to distribute relevant information to your audience and demonstrate your expertise in your field. Essentially, it does everything an article post can do, but in video format.  This gives you a new way to engage with your audience and a method of re-purposing your content.

In fact, repurposing your blog articles into videos is one of the top ways you can capture more attention online and draw more viewers than you would receive by blogging alone.

DIY Videos 

Step-by-step instructional videos are immensely popular with online audiences, and for good reason. Much of your target audience is already actively searching for answers to particular questions. A DIY video allows you to demonstrate your expertise, while showing them how to use a product to solve that problem. Most viewers find these videos entertaining, and will often follow up by asking for more information.

Bonus: When/if you viewer decides that they would rather hire you to perform the task rather than do it themselves, your DIY video becomes a revenue generating resource.

Product Videos

A visual demonstration of a product or service can be a powerful way to communicate its worth to your audience. You can use this type of video to explain a problem, along with the solution. Or, you can actively demonstrate a product so that your audience understands how it works.

Teaser videos can be used to offer glimpses of a new service or product in development, to generate excitement and keep your audience engaged with your brand.

Customer Testimonial Videos

Obviously, your ability to use testimonials depends on your compliance regulations, but “Word of mouth” recommendation is still one of the most powerful, tried and true methods of marketing. If you are permitted to use testimonials in your marketing, you can “introduce” your target audience to someone like them; a past customer introduces themselves, describes a problem they had, and explains how your service or product helped them to solve it.

Testimonial videos are relatable, and boost your credibility with the audience.

Video can also be useful simply because some people prefer to receive and process information in a more engaging visual format. Think about the other ways in which we all gather information: Just as some enjoy reading the newspaper, others would rather watch the evening news. When you present information in a variety of formats, you reach more people and draw a wider audience to your brand.

With the growth of social media showing no signs of slowing down, we know that more of your audience is moving online. Contact us to learn more about using video to capture their attention, helping them form a relationship with your brand, and generating interest in your business.

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