January 20, 2018 Greg Preite

Your Website’s Hosting Could Cause It to Get Hacked! Here’s How…

Inexpensive “shared” hosting plans could be putting your website at risk!

Website security is a growing concern for business owners. It is essential that you are diligent to protect your customers by keeping your web presence secure. However, it takes some effort to help you stay ahead of the current hacking trends. If you neglect your company website, you could be inviting a security breach!

Inexpensive, Shared Hosting is Like Apartment Style Living

All websites require hosting. Think of it as “renting” space on the internet.

Just as you would consider safety in selecting housing for your family, you must consider safety when selecting hosting for your website.

Inexpensive hosting services (usually around $10/month) can be found quickly and easily. But do you really understand what you are purchasing when you buy that inexpensive hosting account?

Cheap hosting accounts put your website on a “shared” server with dozens of other unknown websites. You could compare this situation to living in a multi-family housing building. You might take great care of your apartment, but if your neighbor burns down his kitchen, your apartment could burn too!

In the same way, your website can be infected if another site on the shared server is hacked. So even if you follow all recommended security steps, you could get “burned down” by another website on the same server.

Hackers are quick to find these vulnerabilities, looking for ways to take advantage of weak websites and gain access to every site on a server.

Take These Simple Steps to Secure Your Website

You can never be 100% certain that your site won’t be infected, but there are a few steps you should take to improve your odds.

1. Avoid cheap, shared hosting services.
2. Keep your website software and plugins up to date.
3. Make sure your username and passwords are complex and secure.

We understand how important a safe hosting service is to keep your website online. You can rest assured that we take extra precautions to ensure the safety and performance of your website. If you think your website may have been compromised, let us know. We can assist you with the cleanup effort.

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