April 9, 2018 Greg Preite

3 Elements of a Strong Social Media Campaign

Social media marketing is a great use of your marketing budget, but you need to be sure to leverage proven strategies on your social media platforms. When done correctly, Social Media is proving to be one of the most effective methods to connect with your target market.

Here are three essential strategies to implement that will strengthen your approach:

1. Expand Your Reach

Instead of focusing only on the numbers, look for ways to create a following that is built with your desired target audience. Identify your optimal demographic and then look for the social media platforms that this audience often uses. Additionally, research the industry so that you can see the type of content that appeals to these people. Publishing interesting, quality content is the best thing that you can do to build a community of like-minded people who love the products that you offer.

Ask yourself these questions:

  • Who are you trying to reach?
  • What Social Media platform(s) are they using?
  • What would they be interested is seeing, reading or watching?

2. Drive Traffic to Your Website

The goal of social media marketing is to build a relationship with your followers. But along the way, look for opportunities to drive them to your website. If you have made the effort to create a website that informs and educates, then it will also help you to convert leads, prospects, and followers into clients and customers.

Adding links in your social media posts that direct people back to new content on your site will help you to accomplish this goal.

3. Create Opportunities for Multiple Touches by Retargeting

It’s likely that you already understand how critical it is for you to create multiple meaningful touches with prospects and existing clients. Using a retargeting ad campaign will help you to accomplish this and bring customers back to your website over and over again.

You can develop a deeper relationship by offering quality content through your retargeting ads, and increase your chances of conversion by staying in front of your audience.

If you believe a Social Media presence would benefit your business but don’t have the time or experience to put it together, we’re here to help!

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