May 7, 2018 Greg Preite

5 Sneaky Ways Online Marketing Puts Money in Your Pocket

If you are going to spend money on marketing, you want to see an ROI, right? Of course you do! However, sometimes business owners think that the only way that internet marketing makes them money is if it generates new leads. Unfortunately, that’s misguided thinking.

There are a number of “sneaky” ways that you see profits from digital marketing. These profits are very real, but often forgotten or not considered.

1. Client Retention – It’s easier to maintain strong relationships with current clients instead of working to generate new leads. Create a marketing plan that makes it easy to keep in touch with existing clients through email and social media. These efforts will keep your clients from forgetting about you and calling a competitor.

2. Repeat Sales – A good internet marketing campaign will educate current and potential clients about your products and services. This education commonly results in them buying more of your products and services. These repeat sales boost your bottom line and improve client satisfaction at the same time.

3. Referrals – Internet marketing helps you build stronger, ongoing relationships with your clients. As a result, referrals come naturally when the client’s friend or family member needs your services. As your online marketing campaign continues to educate, your company will be staying in front of your audience, giving you more opportunities to capture new referrals.

4. Credibility – People do business with people they know, like, and trust. A consistent, quality online publishing schedule builds your credibility and proves your expertise within your industry. It helps you convert prospects into new clients by keeping that pipeline warm, even when you are busy with other aspects of your business.

5. Exposure – When people do an internet search for your name, what do they find? It is common for prospects to “Google” a person or business name before making a buying decision. When someone goes online to “check you out,” you have a better chance at capturing their business if the internet is packed with useful information that you have created.

If you don’t have a strategic online marketing plan in place, you’re probably missing potential sales and business opportunities. Don’t let your competitors capture your market share, put a plan in place today!

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