June 25, 2016 Greg Preite

Advisors: 3 Expert Tips to Optimize Your Web Content

Don has been a financial advisor for over twenty years now, but digital marketing is a whole new horizon for him. He knows that writing informative blogs, or creating helpful videos, are the keys to pleasing his online audience.  So far, Don isn’t sure whether his content is having much of an impact. Is there anything else he needs to be doing?

Don is definitely on the right track, because great content is indeed the key to a successful online marketing strategy. However, all the terrific content in the world won’t help him much if he doesn’t optimize that content for maximum impact. Don needs to ensure that his content is reaching his target audience, and he also needs to use that content to develop a relationship with his viewers. If Don uses these three simple trick to optimize his content, he will be much happier with his marketing campaign.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO). If Don takes the right steps to boost his search engine rankings, more visitors will find his website.   That means he can develop a relationship with more potential clients.

  • Add new content regularly – search engines show preference to websites that are regularly updated.
  • Use specific keywords – search engines prefer focused content
  • But don’t over-stuff content with keywords – content won’t be engaging to readers, and search engines actually discourage this technique.
  • Place keywords in the right places – keywords belong not only in content, but in headers, sub-headers, title tags, links, and descriptive text.
  • Write a great meta description – this tells viewers what the web page is about, and helps them to decide whether to click in.
  • Keep content casual and friendly – both search engines and visitors prefer accessible content, without a lot of unusual jargon or pretentious vocabulary.

Attract more visitors to the website with strategically placed ads. If Don really wants to ensure that a particular demographic of visitors find his website, he can utilize paid ads to attract them. Pay-per-click ads are exactly what they sound like; Don will only pay for the ads each time someone clicks the ad and follows through to his website. If these ads lead to content with a high conversion rate, Don’s ads can practically pay for themselves.

Since Facebook collects vast amounts of user data, Don could also reach his ideal demographic by utilizing the platform’s advertisement options. These ads can draw the right visitors to his content, for a very affordable price.

Write a clear call to action. This is the most important step to optimizing web content, and it might even be the easiest! Don is providing great content to his readers, but once they’re finished reading they navigate away to another webpage. But if Don asks them, in a friendly way, to provide their contact information or subscribe to his newsletter, he will be surprised how many readers take action! Most website visitors need just a small prompt, and they will be happy to deepen the relationship.

By taking these three steps, Don can reap much greater rewards from the content that he’s already publishing online. For advice on your own content marketing strategy, give us a call. We can help you identify areas that you can improve, reach more clients, and build a more rewarding marketing campaign.

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