April 8, 2016 Greg Preite

Advisors Find Success Through Drip Marketing Campaigns

When you first meet a prospective client, do you explain your services and win them over right away? Sometimes that does happen, but often we find that prospects need a bit more time to make a decision. After all, you’re asking them to entrust you with their life savings, their plans for retirement, and possibly the legacy that they hope to leave to their heirs. Choosing a financial advisor is not a decision most people make quickly.

That’s why drip marketing is ideally suited for financial advisors. We call it “drip” marketing because you gradually drip your marketing materials over time. It’s the perfect way to stay in touch with a prospect, develop a relationship, and gradually convince them that you are the right choice.

So how does it work? Drip marketing can be fairly simple and straightforward, if you follow these five steps.

Make a good first impression. As a financial advisor, you already know about the power of a good first impression. Your first contact with a client should demonstrate your knowledge in a friendly, professional manner. At the same time, you know that pushing too hard for a sale can turn off a prospect. Therefore, your first message should offer something of value to your prospect, without pushy sales language. Build the relationship on a foundation of trust and respect, and your prospects will look forward to future interactions with you.

Take a balanced approach. Do you remember the last time you were bombarded with too much technical information on an unfamiliar topic? It wasn’t pleasant, and you probably wanted to avoid that person in the future. Keep that experience in mind as you craft messages for your drip marketing campaign. The goal is to gradually reveal yourself to prospects, offering them new and relevant information at each point of contact.

Meanwhile, don’t be afraid to show your personal side through some light and more personal interactions. Most people prefer to do business with people they genuinely like.

Finally, it’s okay to add just a touch of sales language to your messages, as long as you don’t overdo it. Politely ask your prospects to call you if they have questions, or to schedule an appointment to further discuss particular topics.

Get personal. Your prospects are more likely to read and value your messages if you add a personal touch. Use names in the subject lines of emails, and craft blogs or emails that answer questions commonly asked by your clients. Your prospects want to feel important.

Change it up. The last thing you want is to bore your audience or come across as too pushy. Alternate your points of contact across social media, email, blogging, and even videos. You want to become a steady presence, while remaining interesting and relevant. Changing up your method of delivery can also help you reach a wider audience, because most people have a preferred method of interaction.

Automate the process. Regular contact is the foundation of a trusting relationship. But because crafting and sending emails can use a lot of your time, it’s easy to fall behind schedule. Choose an automated system that allows you to upload email templates to be personalized and then sent to your contacts.

Over time, a drip marketing campaign will turn you into a household name. Then, when prospects have a financial question, you will be the first person on their minds! If you have more questions on drip marketing, give us a call or send us an email. We can help you decide on the methods and schedule that will help you grow your practice.









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