January 10, 2017 Greg Preite

3 Benefits of Blogging that You Probably Haven’t Considered

Do you have a website but fail to keep up with regular content updates? Too often, advisors have a website built and then neglect basic digital marketing efforts once the website is live. It is good to create a website, but you won’t maximize the benefits if you leave it dormant.

Set a goal this year to publish fresh content to your website on a regular basis.

Here are three reasons why…

  1. Boost Website Visitors

How many people are coming to your website each day? Increasing the number of website visitors is important if you want to boost sales and revenue for the year. One of the best ways that you can increase website traffic is with regular blogging.

Blog posts increase the number of pages that could be found in the search engines. The content can also be posted on your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media platforms. These social media links will bring more customers to your website, helping to increase brand awareness.

  1. Increase Website Relevancy

Customers want to know that their service providers are staying relevant in the industry. Regular blog posts can be helpful to establish authority and show how your business is proactive to support your customers. Fresh blog content is essential to show that your company is keeping up with the times.

Additionally, the content increases the likelihood that the search engines will rank your website in the results. Google and other search engines demand relevant content posted on a regular basis in order to achieve high rankings.

  1. Maintain Communication with Your Customers

How do you keep current and potential customers updated about news and changes within your industry? Regular blog content can be a good way to keep the lines of communication open. Sharing these updates builds your credibility and exemplifies your leadership within the financial world.

Something to consider…

These days, your clients and prospects will turn to the internet for information on a regular basis.  If you are the one providing the information via your blog, you can capture that traffic.  If you don’t, those clients and prospects will end up on the website of one of your competitors!

If you don’t have the time or experience to maintain your website’s relevancy, then it is essential that you hire a professional to help with your online efforts. Call us today to learn more about the options that are available.

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