January 17, 2016 Greg Preite

Is Your Marketing Strategy on Track for 2016?

As you look back at 2015, do you feel that the year was a success? Did you retain your best clients and attract new ones?

These days, a large part of a financial advisor’s success lies in his digital marketing strategy. But it can be difficult to know whether you’re reaping the maximum results from your campaign. Even if you had a good year, could 2016 be even better? Ask yourself these questions. They will help you identify areas of success, so that you can continue doing what works, and areas that need more work.

Your website. Your website represents you and your practice on the internet, and might be one of the first things potential clients see about you. Since first impressions are the most important, check to be sure you have maxed out your website’s potential.

Does your website include a call to action? You should be offering something of value to your viewers, in exchange for their contact information. Remember that issuing a direction is the best way to push those undecided folks off the fence, and begin to deepen your relationship with them.

Does your website include at least one video? Many of your prospects will be impressed by a simple, brief video in which you introduce yourself. People like to do business with those that they “know”, and seeing your face and hearing your voice will subconsciously help you viewers feel more attached to you.

Does your website include a blog? Your blogs should be relevant to your target demographic, demonstrate your knowledge, include a call to action, and include the right keywords to boost your search engine optimization.

Your interactions with prospects and clients. Your digital marketing strategy should focus on creating interactions with prospects and clients, so that your name remains at the top of their minds.

Have you created an email list of at least 500 current and prospective clients? These people are the base of your target demographic. You will continue to attract more, but by now you should be operating an email campaign.

Do you email your contacts regularly? We recommend reaching out to your clients and prospects consistently, about once per week, to maintain your status as a household name.

Is your social media presence friendly and consistent? At least once per week, you should be setting aside time to post links to your blogs and other updates. Do you answer questions and reply to comments? Are you maximizing usage of your chosen social media platform by using targeted ads or boosting your posts to your audience? If you aren’t using all of the tools at your disposal, you could be missing valuable opportunities spanisches viagra.

Assessing your visible results. Many results of a digital marketing survey lie in the long-term relationships you develop with your clients and prospects. Sometimes, you won’t even know that a new client was a result of a referral or your online marketing approach. It can be difficult to measure that type of success, and results are not always instantly visible after only a few months.

Having said that, you should look for the following signs that your marketing strategy is firing on all pistons:

  • You feel confident that a significant number of clients will eventually do business with you. Perhaps you have already created a “hot list” of prospects who fit this description.
  • You have received referrals from past or current clients, or from other financial professionals.
  • Your social media follower list has grown.
  • Your posts receive “likes”, shares, or comments.
  • Your website analytics program indicates that you’re receiving traffic from social media.
  • New clients often mention your blog or social media account.

It is going to take some time to evaluate your marketing strategy. Don’t rush through this list, and take the time to evaluate each question we have listed here. Most likely, you will find that some areas of your campaign are working fantastically, while others could use some adjustments. Give us a call if you have any questions, and we can help you make 2016 your most successful year yet.

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