March 22, 2019 Greg Preite

How Baseball Pertains to Your Digital Marketing

Can you believe baseball season is starting?  The Boys of Summer are back for another year of America’s favorite pastime and with that in mind, I thought I’d draw a few comparisons between baseball and your digital marketing efforts.

The Pitch
Make it solid and effective. Listen to what your prospect has to say and then lay out a strategy that provides a solution.

The Base Hit
This is the essential building block of success.  Make sure that your website, blog, social media platforms, or online store is compelling and easily accessible.

The Single
Drive traffic to your website and other online assets such as a landing page, videos, or any other page that you have built.  You have to get to first base before you can score.  Online, that means getting quality traffic.

The Double
Now that you’ve passed first base and have driven visitors to your site, keep them there with educational and engaging content.

The Triple
Use automated strategies to re-target, re-touch, and re-engage with prospects and clients in your pipeline.  You’re almost “home” so don’t stumble when it comes to this critical aspect of your marketing.

The Home Run
Clearly this is closed business – the result of rounding all the bases appropriately.

A few other comparisons…

The Stolen Base
Network! You can “steal” and capture attention by networking appropriately and adding more prospects and referral partners to your pipeline.

The Catch
Email Marketing is still important. Reach out to your database with tips and strategies that educate and remind them that you are there to help!

The Coaches
Social Media managers, copywriters, web and graphic designers, and digital marketing consultants are the cogs behind the scenes that can keep the team focused on the goal and on track for meeting expectations.

Play Ball!!

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