April 23, 2018 Greg Preite

How Modern is Your Website? Check Your Phone!

Nearly everyone these days has a smartphone. In fact, it’s difficult to even purchase a phone that does not have the ability to access the internet, email, and your favorite apps.

Due to this widespread use of smartphones and tablets, when people go online they are most often utilizing a mobile device. Regardless of their age (teens, millennials, 40-somethings, or seniors) internet users are becoming more and more dependent on their phones every day.

So what does this mean for business owners?

The economic ramifications of mobile technology are obviously widespread, but for small business owners it begins with having a website that is responsive for mobile devices.

The term responsive simply means that the website “responds” and adjusts accordingly based on the size of the screen on which it is being displayed.

Regardless of whether it is being viewed on a 28” desktop monitor, a 10.5” tablet, or a 4.7” phone, a responsive website will adjust its images and text to give a user the best viewing experience.

Consider Your Layout and Function

Knowing that many of your web visitors could be viewing your site on a phone, you also want to pay attention to the amount of content on the various pages of your site. Too much text and not enough “white space” leaves your site difficult to read on a mobile device.

Likewise, a website with dozens of links and functions may be confusing or challenging to navigate on a phone. This can easily frustrate your web visitors and chase them away.

Often, the adage “less is more” applies well with regard to your company website, as does the commonly heard phrase “keep it simple”.

Google Cares Too!

Part of the algorithm used by the search engines involves giving favor to responsive websites. So if search engine traffic is part of your marketing strategy, you definitely want to pay attention to this aspect of your site.

How Do I Know if My Website is Responsive?

Pull up your website on your phone. Can you see the layout adjust based upon the size of the screen? Does the size of the text automatically adjust so you can read it without zooming? Do images display properly or do they get cut off at the edge of the screen?

The bottom line for business owners is that a website that is responsive for mobile provides your clients, customers, and prospects with a better online experience and can be critical if you are in a competitive industry. In today’s economy, every marketing advantage you can grab is important.

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