August 14, 2017 Greg Preite

Reaching Your Audience Through the Google Display Network

Every business owner with a website has likely given some thought to how they rank on Google’s search engine and how they could “get to page one”.

But did you know that there are ways that Google can get you in front of your ideal target audience?  The Google Display Network is a great option and one you may not know about.  Depending on your industry and the produce/service you sell, it could provide you with even better results than search engine rankings.

Today, I’ll discuss a few benefits of this advertising option so that you can see some possibilities for your business.

What is the Google Display Network?

Google has a network of over a million websites that they can use for ad placement.  This includes blogs, videos, apps, and more. The network is so extensive that it gives you the opportunity to connect with a large portion of the internet users around the world.

The benefit of the Google Display Network is that you can select the demographic that is the right match for your company. You can choose the countries where the ads are displayed, the languages, and the specific interests of the viewership. Dialing in your target demographic means that you can optimize your spending to get the best results possible.

How is the Display Network Different Than the Google Search Network?

When people talk about online advertising, they often think about the ads that show up in the Google search results. The search network shows text ads based on keywords that people type into Google.

In comparison, the Display Network makes it possible for image ads to be placed on many different websites. So, a customer might be on a website reading content that pertains to your industry, and then they could see your ad on the website they are viewing. This strategy means that your ad shows up on websites related to your business. You can choose topics or categories to ensure that your ads are only showing to people who fit within the parameters that you specify.

Learn More About the Google Display Network

If you’re curious to learn more about how this method of advertising could accelerate the growth of your business, talk to the experts here at The Digital Advisor. We know the best resources to help you find the right customers online!

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