February 21, 2018 Greg Preite

The Advertising Secret Google Doesn’t Want You to Know

For years, perhaps even decades, Google has been the gold standard for Internet marketing. Small business owners have spent tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars on marketing strategies such as AdWords and organic search engine optimization hoping to achieve to page placement and capture clicks.

While those methods still merit consideration, today’s small business owner may find that they can more effectively, efficiently, and affordably invest their marketing dollars in a platform that rivals the reach of even the mammoth Google.

Who dares challenge the ever powerful google?

It probably won’t surprise you when I tell you the answer… Facebook.

Facebook is the social network for adults

The first thing you must understand is that Facebook is no longer “just for kids“. In fact, ask any teenager how often they utilize Facebook and they’re likely to tell you “Facebook is for old people”.  (I asked my teenager this exact question just this week and that’s the answer she quipped.)

The great news for you as a business owner is that if your target audience is between the ages of 30 and 65, odds are excellent that you will find them on Facebook.

Facebook is affordable

Even better news is that it won’t cost you a small fortune to reach them!!

You can create an effective Facebook ad in a short period of time that allows you to reach thousands of people within your local market for as little as five dollars per day. For most industries, you won’t reach anyone on Google for only five dollars.

You must have a business Facebook page in order to run ads, but once you do, you could be reaching your target audience in a matter of minutes.

It’s easier than AdWords

While setting up a Google AdWords account can be somewhat confusing and time intensive, a Facebook campaign can be set up in a short period of time and give you the ability to begin marketing much faster and easier.

We have helped our clients to use Facebook Ads for things such as…

  • Increasing brand recognition within their local area
  • Marketing their upcoming seminars
  • Driving traffic to their website or landing page
  • Promoting a sale or special event
  • Attracting potential new clients with blog articles and other useful information

If you aren’t leveraging Facebook advertising you could be missing a fantastic opportunity to reach your target audience. However, there is also a pretty good chance that your competitors haven’t quite caught on yet either so depending on your industry, you may still be able to gain a competitive advantage if you act now.

If you need assistance setting up a Facebook marketing campaign, just let us know. We have some very affordable options and can’t have you up and running within just a couple days. But whether you do it yourself or outsource the set up, get on board and make sure you aren’t missing a golden opportunity.

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