December 2, 2016 Greg Preite

Social Media “Tricks” that Help You Stand Out in the Crowd

The insurance and financial services industries are highly competitive, I think we can all agree with that.  These days, you not only need to be an expert in your field, but you also need to be a savvy marketer.  Otherwise, you risk being “eaten” by your competitors.

Social media can give you a huge edge on your competition because, frankly, very few in your industry have fully adapted social strategies into their marketing effort.  This presents you with a tremendous opportunity to gain market share while others are still trying to figure out just what to do.

Step one is to simply get started and commit to the process.  Step two is implementation.

Your target audience is spending time online looking for information and help on a regular basis.  If you’re the one making the effort to provide the information, you can reap the rewards that come in the form of client retention, new business, and referrals.

If you ask anyone with a smartphone, most will tell you that they log into a social media site at least once a day or more. They go to these sites for information about the markets, news about the economy, and more. Posting useful information to your social media platforms will increase the number of times that you can interact with each person.

Tips Improve Your Social Media Efforts

There are a few things that you need to do to maximize your efforts on social media platforms:

  • Use Pictures: It’s boring to post a status update without an image. Add an interesting photo so that people will be drawn to your post as they are browsing the newsfeed. Do you need some images to use? Look for a high-quality stock photo site so that you don’t run into image copyright issues.
  • Keep Post Notifications Turned On: You need to know when people comment on your photos because you have the opportunity to answer their questions. Turn on post notifications so that you are always updated when a customer has interacted with your post.
  • Update Your Bio: Does your bio share good information about your company? Two or three sentences can set the tone for your branding and encourage people to click through to your website.
  • Add Hashtags: Put a few hashtags at the end of your post to get your content in front of more people. Make sure that you are using popular hashtags that are relevant to your industry.

A final thought before we go…

If you aren’t already using social media for your business marketing, rest assured that some of your competitors are.  That means they could be moving in on your clients and prospects right now and grabbing a piece of your market share.  It’s probably time for you to take action.
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