May 24, 2018 Greg Preite

3 Ways that Content Marketing Can Build Your Bankroll

Stop and think for a moment how education plays a role in converting your prospects into new clients.

Yes, you likely educate people when you talk to them, but are you leveraging your website to help you do more of it?

If not, you’re probably leaving money on the table every month!

Here’s what you could accomplish with a strategic content marketing plan:

1. Repeat Website Visitors

Quality blog posts encourage clients and prospects to repeatedly visit your website. By combining your blog schedule with your social media platforms, you achieve multiple meaningful touches with your audience and these touches help you to convert and retain clients while boosting your web traffic.

2. Internet Search Results

When someone has an industry-related question, it is common to turn to Google to find answers. For example, they may “Google” things like “When can I start collecting Social Security?” or “How can I tell if my hot water heater needs to be replaced?” If you offer related services and answer these common questions with articles posted on your blog, you increase the likelihood that your website will be found in the results when people are searching.

3. Increased Industry Credibility

Showing your knowledge and expertise in the industry is a powerful way to strengthen your brand. Your content can be used to exemplify why someone might choose your company over one of your competitors in the area. Sharing useful blog post content helps to keep your company in mind when they are ready to buy.

This type of content marketing is proven to help you connect with current and potential customers. The trick is putting in the time and effort that is required to produce quality content.

Developing Effective Content for Your Blog

While written content can be an effective way to add search engine optimized content to your website, don’t overlook the benefits of other types of media as well. Video can be a powerful way to provide answers to your target audience’s questions. Videos can be embedded into blog post and shared on social media to expand your reach.

Sometimes, the most effective method is a video blog that is posted along with a corresponding text article. This combined approach gives viewers the option to choose their preferred method. A combined blog post is often the best-case scenario to provide maximum viewer engagement and SEO content.

If you don’t have a strategic content marketing plan in place, you’re probably missing potential sales and business opportunities. Don’t let your competitors capture your market share, put a plan in place today!

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