May 13, 2016 Greg Preite

Advisors: 7 Reasons You Should Be Using Email Marketing

As you grow your practice, it can be difficult to know how to spend your marketing budget. Different forms of marketing offer their own sets of benefits, but for you, the bottom line is that you want to invest your resources in a method that brings results. You want to stay in touch with your clients and attract new ones, but you don’t have time to personally nurture each connection.

Email marketing can be a cost-effective solution for advisors, because you can create messages that are automatically personalized and sent to every address in your email database. And since nearly everyone checks their email daily, you can be sure that your contacts are seeing your messages.

Those are the obvious facts. But how exactly does email marketing work? Check out the following seven reasons that email marketing is the best choice for advisors.

  1. Nurture leads. Some of your contacts will be people who are just curious about financial services, but haven’t mentally committed yet. Email marketing allows you to nurture that lead with very little effort on your part. Over a period of regular contact with you, a lead is more likely to pick up the phone and schedule that first appointment.
  1. Get to know your audience, and vice versa. Wouldn’t you rather do business with someone that you know and trust? Most people feel that way. Email marketing helps you get to know your audience, and lets them get to know you.
  1. Fill up your appointment calendar. Your email audience is comprised of people who have opted into receiving your messages. That means they’re already groomed for a sale, and each email you send is likely to prompt a few phone calls.
  1. Keep in touch with past clients. Creating relationships is only half the battle; maintaining them is the other half. Regular email updates help you stay in touch with current and former clients, and keeps them engaged with your practice. Email marketing is also a great way to promote new ideas or services to an audience who has already warmed up to you.
  1. Understand your audience better. Analyzing your impact is an important part of conducting any marketing strategy. With email marketing, it’s easy to see which emails are opened, which links are clicked, and so on. You learn which topics interest your audience, and can utilize that information to your benefit in the future.
  1. Reach more of your audience. Nearly everyone has an email address, and emails can be easily opened on a smart phone, tablet, laptop, or desktop computer. No matter how your contacts prefer to interact online, you can reach them.
  1. Reinforce your brand. Your emails can be designed with your logo included, and we know that strong visuals help people to remember information. In this case, that means your contacts will remember you.

Savvy advisors have likely already figured this out.  If you aren’t currently implementing it in your practice, you could find yourself losing market share to those who are.  Remember, if your clients and prospects aren’t getting regular information from you via email, they’re surely getting it from someone else!

Give us a call and we’ll be happy to discuss your email marketing campaign and give you more insight on why it’s the right marketing choice for advisors today.


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