February 27, 2018 Greg Preite

How to Turn Your Facebook Ads into Revenue

If you read my article 2 weeks ago, I explained why Facebook ads could be a great option for you to get your name and business in front of thousands of potential prospects quickly and inexpensively.

If you missed that article, click here to read it now.

So with that in mind, the next logical question would be “How do you maximize your investment and turn those ads into viable leads and revenue?”

This is where most business owners will typically try to take short cuts and go straight from their ad to a sales conversion.  Then, when it doesn’t work, they fail to realize that the problem wasn’t the ad, it was their process.

It’s important to remember that a lead generated via the internet typically doesn’t know you or your business.  Initially, you have little or no credibility with them and you really haven’t done anything to “earn” their business.  It will take some nurturing to convert these leads into clients.

Step One:  Have a Compelling and Unique Offer

Do you want to stand out above the crowd online?  Then you better have an offer that meets these criteria:

  • Your target audience wants it
  • No one else is offering it (don’t be a “me too” guy)
  • It’s easy for your target audience to get it

You’ll likely need to invest some quality time and effort to develop this offer.  Keep in mind that a “free consultation” is not unique or compelling.  All of your competitors will provide the exact same thing and when a consumer hears “free consultation”, they think “sales pitch”.

Step Two:  Create a Landing Page that Provides Specific Details about Your Offer

Here’s the BIG difference between successful online lead generation and poor results.   Facebook doesn’t give you much space to truly explain your offer.  Before people will sign up for your offer, they want to know what they’ll get, who’s providing it, and why it’s valuable.  In short, what’s in it for them?

A well-designed landing page with compelling sales copy and a brief informational video will usually convert best.  The page should encourage the viewer to register with their name and email address in exchange for your offer.  You can request a phone number, but don’t make it mandatory because at this stage, the prospect isn’t ready to talk to you (if they are, they’ll actually call your office).

Step Three:  A Well-Designed Ad

Yep, your ad isn’t actually the first step of the process, it’s Step Three.  Create it only after you’ve got Steps One and Two in place.

Step Four:  Nurture Your Leads into Conversions

A small percentage of people who take advantage of your offer will be ready to take action, but these are the exception, not the rule.   The vast majority of your new leads will require some time to “check you out” and get more acquainted with who you are and what you do.

Make sure you have an email drip campaign in place so you can stay in front of these folks and feed them valuable information on a regular basis.  Have a strategy to keep in touch with them.  Consider retargeting ads so they will continue to see your business in a high quality, low-key manner.  As you’ve probably heard before, the fortune is in the follow up.

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